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Мы продолжаем работу со словами и выражениями для сочинения.


Words and phrases to indicate a logical conclusion:

  • therefore/consequently – поэтому; следовательно;
  • thus/so – таким образом; поэтому;
  • hence – следовательно; в результате;
  • as a result – в результате; в итоге;
  • it appears that... – очевидно; явно;
  • evidently/it is evident that... – очевидно; несомненно;
  • clearly/undoubtedly/unquestionably/beyond any doubt – без сомнения; несомненно;

Note: Word choice – thus, so, therefore, consequently, for this reason, as a result. Of all these words, so is least formal (thus – most formal). In formal writing, avoid using So at the beginning of a sentence – it is characteristic of spoken English: The country was beautiful. Consequently I decided to return the next year./I therefore decided to return the next year. (formal style)

Eg: In North American universities, the cost of tuition is very high. Thus, many students are forced to work at part-time jobs while they are studying. (TOEFL writing question # 90)

Eg: I really cannot stand tourist resorts in tropical climates, so if I were given a chance to visit a foreign country for a short vacation, I would steer clear of such hot and overcrowded destinations. (TOEFL writing question # 104)

Eg: Medical technology is increasing at a phenomenal rate. As a result, people now live much longer lives than in any other past generation. (TOEFL writing question # 86)

Eg: It is evident that people have to pay a price for the benefits of their industrial society. But this price seems to be very high if only to think about the problems facing us now: the risk of nuclear accidents, chemical works explosions, acid rain, the destruction of wild life and countryside, air and water pollution.

Eg: It appears that these two arguments do not coincide.

Eg: It appears that the system of having students evaluate their teachers has been used by many universities as an effective means of ensuring that a high standard of education is maintained. (TOEFL writing question # 124).

Eg: A large construction project always necessitates making a considerable amount of noise. Hence, many residents object to construction in their neighborhood. (TOEFL writing question # 67).

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