Урок №14

В этом уроке мы продолжаем работу со словами и выражениями для сочинения.

Words and phrases to generalize/summarize ideas and/or bring them to conclusion:

  • on the whole/in general/generally/overall – в общем; в целом;
  • by and large – в общем и целом;
  • broadly speaking – вообще говоря; в общих чертах;
  • to a great/some extent – в значительной/некоторой степени;
  • in most/some cases – в большинстве/некоторых случаях;
  • in any case – в любом случае;
  • by all accounts – по общему мнению;
  • by all indications – судя по всему;
  • essentially – по существу; в основном;
  • in a word – одним словом; короче говоря;
  • in this respect/sense – в этом отношении/смысле;
  • as mentioned/noted (previously/above) – как уже было упомянуто/сказано/отмечено/указано (выше);
  • for the reasons discussed (above) – ввиду (выше)указанных/(выше)названных причин;
  • in sum/in the final analysis/in conclusion/in the end/ ultimately – в заключение; в итоге; в конечном счёте; в конце концов;

Eg: Broadly speaking, teachers in our country are overworked and underpaid.

Eg: Essentially, this plan is worthwhile, but it will not satisfy both groups.

Eg: While living in an apartment in the community presents a number of benefits, for the reasons discussed (above), it is often not the best choice for many students, particularly for those students who have inadequate income. (TOEFL writing question # 36).

Eg: In sum, I have discussed arguments on both sides of the question whether the Earth is being harmed or improved by human activity. In any case, we live on the Earth and we must make the best of what we have and try to live in harmony with our environment. (TOEFL writing question # 48).

Eg: In conclusion, I have provided much evidence to show that regular exercise improves study habits. By all accounts/By all indications, a student who performs regular physical exercise will achieve better results in his schoolwork than a student who does not. (TOEFL wfiting question # 7).

Eg: Ultimately, the degree to which a person’s salary is a measurement of his succes depends on the individual. Undoubtedly, some people need to earn a very large sum of money in order to feel satisfied with themselves, while others require less. In the end, each person lives according to his means and his needs. (TOEFL writing question # 52).

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