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В этом уроке мы заканчиваем список слов и выражений для написания эссе.

  • for my part – что касается меня; с моей стороны;
  • in one’s words/in the words of smb/according to smb – говоря словами/по выражению такого-то/по (чьим-либо) словам/по утверждению такого-то;
  • concerning – относительно/касательно (чего либо);
  • with this in mind – в этой связи;
  • along these lines/in this context – в этом контексте;
  • before addressing this question/issue – прежде, чем мы рассмотрим/обратимся к этому вопросу;

Eg: Some may say that a person’s surroundings have a strong influence on the way he or she feels and acts.
Concerning the degree to which clothes may affect a person’s behavior, it may also be true that what a person is wearing influences him or her in many ways. (TOEFL writing question # 53)

Eg: It’s difficult to make general rules that apply to all without exception. For my part, however, I am very glad that I was given the opportunity to study art and music in high school. (TOEFL writing question # 76)

Eg: In the words of Thomas Edison, invention is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine percent perspiration. The same can be said about success. (TOEFL writing question # 82)

Eg: You have to travel 40 miles to a job interview. You have three modes of transportation at your disposal, but times and destinations differ considerably. With this in mind, let us consider the pros and cons of each.(TOEFL writing question # 32)

Eg: Many benefits we enjoy today have arisen from "accidents in history" . In this context/Along these lines, let us cite some examples of events terrible at the time that turned out well for the future.

Запомните некоторые обороты со следующими словами:

  • problem/issue/question/idea
  • the problem arises from... – проблема возникает из ...

Eg: Another problem may arise from a variety of sources.

Eg: Precisely here is found the crux of the problem. (Именно здесь находится/заключается самая острота проблемы).

Eg: To alleviate the problem, the government should take urgent measures. (Чтобы снизить остроту проблемы...).

Eg: It gives rise to many questions. (Это вызывает много вопросов).

Eg: It is to this aspect of the issue that I now turn. (А сейчас мне бы хотелось обратиться именно к этому аспекту данного вопроса).

Eg: Before addressing this question, it may be useful first to examine its historical prerequisites. (Прежде, чем мы обратимся к этому вопросу, возможно, будет полезным сначала рассмотреть его исторические предпосылки).

Eg: The idea that physical exercise helps people stay healthy, of course, is nothing new.

Eg: The idea that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live is problematic.

  • to result in/lead to/cause

Eg: "The problem arises from modern technological advances. Technology in schools, offices and industry has resulted in an unfortunate overdependence on calculators and other types of modern devices. Abuse of something normally beneficial may lead to a harmful reliance on it. A dependence on the use of calculators may cause a diminished ability to do mathematics on one’s own." (TOEFL Preparation Guide. Cliffs. TOEFL sample essay).

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