Выиграй стипендию на обучение по специальности «Интерьер дизайна» в IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)

Do you want to be an interior designer but you are worried that all the deadlines have passed? There is still time to apply with us at Istituto Europeo di Design. IED Design is the concrete and complete response to the countless and diversified requirements of the professional design community.

So, it is time to choose! If you reside in Russia and aged between 18 and 26 years old, you can compete for 2 scholarships for the three years course in Interior Design, taught in English language, in Italy. IED offers you an opportunity to study interior design in Milan, in a brand new campus, in Via Bezzecca 5, with large renovated spaces dedicated to the didactic and training activities for the future professionals. The new area (2,400 square meters) opens its doors to the numerous Italian and international students of  IED Milano, and becomes a new place for conferences, lectures, workshops and cultural activities.

Join this project now! Send your sketches’ portfolio to the e-mail: scholarships@ied.edu till October 16th, 2010.

Find out how to participate, see  http://www.ied.edu/milan/blog/3068


Istituto Europeo di Design – IED international network grants scholarships.

IED Milan grant 2 scholarships for attendance of the first year of the three year interior design course, taught in English,  for the 2010-2011 school year.

1. Costs and duration

2 partial scholarships covering 50% of the tuition fee of the first school year (3500 euros).
The winners will have to pay, in the first year, for the enrolment fee. (2500 euros) and 50% of the tuition fee (3500 euros).

For the following two school years if the student passes the curriculum examinations of each year, achieving at least an average score of 28/30, a 3.000 euro scholarship will be granted. In case the student fails to comply with that, the scholarship shall not be renewed.

2. Admission Requirements

The scholarships are opened to all Russian residents aged between 18 and 26 years old eligible.
Basic requirements for participants:
At the selection are admitted students with a high-school degree.
The selection is only for beginners, students willing to be admitted at the first year of our three year courses.
Attention: advanced Students (students eligible for master courses - with specialized University Bachelor) or eligible for direct admission to the second year of the three year courses, are NOT eligible for this selection.
Therefore students with University Bachelor can be admitted only in case their previous Bachelor has nothing to do with the first year course they want to attend.
Age limits: students between 18 years and 26 years are eligible.

Those who hold a IED diploma or similar, IED employees and consultants are not eligible for selection.

3. Language Requirements

All candidates must have a good knowledge of the tuition language (higher intermediate level of English)

The school, through a telephone interview, may also assess the level of language knowledge.

4. Deadline, conditions and general terms

Portfolio should be sent by e-mail to: scholarships@ied.edu no later than October 16th, 2010.
Incomplete portfolio, which do not meet the requirements, or which do not have the elements referred above, or which contain wrong or unreadable data, or sent after midnight (24.00 Italian time), October 16th, 2010, will hnot be considered valid.
Intransgressible conditions to which applicants guarantee and respond when submitting the project are:
- The applicant must be the only person who conceived and realized the project, the project must be original, not a copy or result of plagiarism.
- The project must not be under any property or royalty rights, or copyrighted.
The jury may, unquestionably, exclude from the selection any project that do not comply with the above terms.
IED does not assume any responsibility for conditions that are not imputable to it and that shall compromise the project remittance, such as: losses or delays, malfunctioning of electronic devices.
Applicants authorize their personal data to be used in compliance to the law D.L. 196, dated June 30th, 2003.

The material remitted by the applicants will not be returned and may be used freely by IED, without any economic charges.

5. Evaluation, attribution and communication to winning applicants

The portfolio evaluation will be conducted by a jury made of the 4 principals or school representatives of Design.

The evaluation will be made by the jury judgment, unquestionably. Winners will be notified by email or phone by an IED representative. Winning applicants must send a formal acceptance letter by e-mail to scholarships@ied.edu, within three days after the result is received. If the winning applicant fails to meet this requirement, the scholarship will be automatically considered as ‘refused' and the jury may decide, unquestionably, to grant it to another applicant. After the applicant accepts the scholarship, he/she will have a 7-day deadline to enroll in the course to which the scholarship was granted.

6. Disputes

Any eventual dispute will be sent to a unique judge nominated in accordance to both parties, or in case of disagreement, by the Chairperson of Milan's Camera di Commercio, Industria e Artigianato. The conciliation without any judicial intervention will happen in Milan. The judge will decide 120 days after the dispute is opened. Both parties must be willing to fulfill the judge's decision immediately.

7. Submit your projects How-To

Send by email to scholarships@ied.edu the following documents:
- Copy of the passport,
- High school diploma
- Certificate of English (TOEFL or equivalent)
- Sketches’ Portfolio





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