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Если вы хотите подготовиться к поступлению в британский университет, повысить квалификацию для работы в Великобритании или улучшить владение английским языком, познакомьтесь с учебными программами Kensington and Chelsea College. Кампусы колледжа расположены в двух центральных районах Лондона – Кенсингтоне и Челси. 

В колледже учатся как будущие бакалавры, так и те, кто хочет начать профессиональную карьеру без высшего образования.

Слушатели академических программ совершенствуют английский язык и профильные предметы, изучают британские академические нормы и готовятся к вступительным экзаменам в высшие учебные заведения. Слушатели профессиональных программ осваивают прикладные знания, проходят стажировки на рабочих местах и получают диплом для работы на стартовых позициях.

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Направления программ:

  • Здравоохранение;
  • Социальная защита;
  • Спортивная индустрия;
  • Менеджмент;
  • Педагогика;
  • Искусство;
  • Дизайн.

Все студенты в колледже имеют личного тьютора. Лекторы – признанные профессионалы в своих областях. Так, на программе по дизайну головных уборов преподает Мэри Джейн Бакстер – бывший модный обозреватель BBC, телеведущая и публицист. На парикмахерских курсах учит стилист Эллейн Паттерсон – она в разное время работала со звездами Голливуда.

Kieron Debruyne, Photography Student Wins Royal Borough Of Kensington & Chelsea’s Art On Show

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Schools "Art on Show" project celebrates work produced within schools in the borough, and aims to encourage children and young people to pursue and develop their interests and talents in art. 

Keiron Debruyne a Level 3 Photography student won first prize at the Art Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Art on Show Photography Category. Photography / Digital Art Prize. 

So we decided to have a Q&A with Kerion to find out more:

Describe Kensington and Chelsea College in 3 Words?

No corners cut.

Talk me through the exhibition: 

 I’m putting on a piece based on a constructivist point of view of London. I’ve helped the class to create the website and poster and any branding that we’re using across social media. We’re almost there, can’t wait really.

How would you describe your photography style?

My photographic style is quite raw and straight up. I don’t try and hide anything. This is probably because of my liking to portraiture and documentary photography. I find a lot of my strongest pieces are my black and white works.

Key Inspiration behind your work?

The main source of inspiration I’ve had for a long, long time is a UK based photographer called Jack Davison. I love his subject matter, style and aesthetic. He’s been featured in the BJP twice I think.

Favourite photography of all time?

Favourite photography of all time?? That’s such a hard question, seen too many images in only 19 years. I’d say my favourite photograph is probably one of Jack Davison’s documentary shots of two dogs in a field when it’s snowed. When I emailed him about it during a unit for an artist study he mentioned it may have been inspired by the relatively famous image by Kodelka.

Final words on your time at KCC ?

So glad I’m almost there (finally), but it will be sad leaving these great people I’ve met.

Interior Design Alumni Final Degree Show

"We’re so proud of your success"

Former KCC Interior Design student Rogerio Lusende invited his tutor Alya Rizvi to his final year degree show at London Southbank University on 28 June 2016.

Rogerio, who is one of his year’s top students, says his KCC experience put him on the path to where he is now.

Alya, who is head of interior design, says: "I am so proud of Rogerio’s success and achievements. He is such an inspiration."

Rogerio said: "I really value the skills, knowledge and experience I gained at KCC. Thank you for the opportunity."

William Spooner

Exhibitor at this year alumni photography shows William Spooner. He presented at our Chelsea Campus "Pucked Up".

Project Theme:

  • Squat parties – focused on the growth of acid house and rave culture in the 90s
  • Documents the steps from kidulthood to adulthood
  • Showcases love, micro competition within the rave community.


Nominated for ‘The Graduate Photography Award 2016’

Last words

"Thankful for the college in providing me with guidance for my next step and also to the staff in particular my lecturer Bruce Tanner for supporting the vision".

Dawn James 1st Prize V&A "Inspired By"

Out of nearly 400 national applicants, 3 of KCC's Design students were selected to exhibit their Ceramics and Glass work as part of the V&A's 'Inspired By' Adult Learners competition and exhibition.

Dawn James was one of 9 Prize-winners on the opening night, winning the overall national Glass prize for her piece based on her ‘Rhythm’ project.

"I was in such a state of shock when they called my name out that I can't remember much about getting up on stage to collect my prize. All of my hard work over the last two years has been worth it, I have learnt so much since I started my glass courses at KCC".

The exhibition continues until 17th June at Morley Gallery. Please see the work of our other selected exhibitors: Rebecca Laister & Yuri Popov too.

Feltmakers Awards Winner!

Clare Bennett won the 'Innovation Prize' at the Worshipful Feltmakers of London Awards at Haberdashers Hall on the 1st April.

"The winning piece was developed from my current Level 2 C&G project 'Wearing the Woodland" which was written by my lecturer Harvey Santos. "My inspiration came from the natural world, particularly ferns. I completed the Level 1 Millinery with Sally Wright at KCC last year and she encouraged me to apply for the Award.

I was delighted to win, but even more excited when internationally-renowned milliner Noel Stewart (previously a Millinery teacher at KCC) chose to wear my hat at the event. You can see him wearing it on his Instagram feed.

I travel all the way from Norfolk on Monday and stay overnight in London, just so I can come to my L2 Millinery class at KCC on Tuesdays. There's nowhere that I could study this exciting discipline nearer to home.

I was drawn to Millinery as I wanted a vehicle for my embroidery skills that was 3-Dimensional. I considered sculpture originally, but Millinery was 'wearable sculpture', so even better.

If this was in Norfolk...I'd be studying on the 3 day per week HNC course here next year but will continue with short courses in the meantime!

I'm excited as it's the first time I'm showing at the Norfolk Open studios which took place last week of May- 1st week June.

(NNOS open studios 2016! No.28)